Kelowna Water Heater Services

We are a leader in the installation and repair of water heaters from different manufacturers in Kelowna. We offer a full range of high quality, on time services that include new hot water system installations as well as repairs for residential and commercial premises. Whether you need the installation of electric water heaters, gas water heaters, alternative water heating systems or energy efficient tankless water heaters, we are your trusted choice for quality and lasting hot water solutions. We are always available on call 24/7 therefore you can count on the expertise of our skilled plumbing technicians that quickly diagnose and fix your water heating problem so that you can continue enjoying your hot water flow.

Hot Water Tanks

We understand that choosing the right hot water tank is not an easy task. For this reason, We offer you expert advice on the right hot water tank that will meet your needs. We will not only show you leading models to consider but also help you draw comparisons so that you only go for the model that fits your situation. In many cases, we will recommend an energy efficient hot water tank to significantly lower your operating costs. We also answer your questions. Our hot water tank solutions are affordable, reliable and most of all guarantee satisfaction.

Hot Water On-Demand

Your on demand water heaters will only heat water when it is needed hence does not need a storage tank. These heaters have compact design and are also known to be energy efficient. However, the choice and efficiency of the hot water on-demand heaters is dependent on a number of factors such as the volume of the water hence you need to go for the right size. This decision can be hard to make. If you are not sure of the best model for your premises, do not hesitate to call on our expertise immediately because we are available to help you at your convenience. We also offer repair services where your heater is faulty.

Tankless Hot Water

Let us professionally install your tankless hot water system and you will enjoy endless hot water supply. You can realize huge savings by utilizing a tankless hot water system. You will receive help to choose an energy efficient model that will reduce your bills while providing enough hot water for all your needs. Moreover, our professional plumbers will offer you value for your money so that you will not need a replacement in a long time.

Tank Replacement

Hot water tanks require replacement over time usually upon the expiration of the 10-12 year life expectancy. This will call for a hot water tank replacement. Our expert tank replacement service is just a phone call away. Call us today and we will have you taken care of quickly. Our expert plumbers will ensure that your tank is replaced within the shortest time so that you are not inconvenienced in any way. Our team of plumbing technicians are insured and licensed so we have you covered.

Hot Water Tank Repairs

Our hot water tank repair services are reliable as we first ensure that we make the right diagnosis to the problem before fixing it. We also offer preventative inspection services that curb your need for repairs while ensuring that your hot water system is in good working condition.

Whatever your hot water system need, we are ready to attend to your needs. Call us today to discuss your water heater needs in relation to range of services that include maintenance, repairs and installation.